Mark Hancock

Speaker at the Low Carb Universe 2019

I’m a patient who put my type 2 diabetes into remission 3 years ago after hearing Dr Michael Mosley on the radio in the UK and deciding to follow a low carb diet.

Until then I’d lived with the condition for at least 6 years and taken daily medication. I’d followed The Eatwell Guide and taken up running to try to slow down the disease, but I was fighting a losing battle.

In 2016 my HbA1c and weight had started to rise, and my nurse had threatened increased medication and statins. I felt helpless.

Hearing Dr Mosley explain how the condition could be reversed was all the encouragement I needed and with the support of my diabetic nurse, stopped my medication after 1 week. My blood glucose levels had fallen out of the diabetic range in a few days and I’d lost 9lbs in the first week alone.

I now try to inspire other type 2 diabetics who were seeking the same answers as me.  I’ve spoken at many diabetic conferences to patients and healthcare professionals alike to give a message of hope. Those that are suffering need to be given the opportunity to turn their health around as I did. It doesn’t need to be a progressive illness.

I’m an ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration in the UK and in 2018 had the honour of being asked to speak in Parliament alongside the incredible Dr David Unwin on how to reverse type 2 diabetes.


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