Marit Gramstad

Workshop Holder at the Low Carb Universe 2019

RN, Coach, Yoga Instructor

Holistic Spirit

With roots in Norway I grew up in a Swedish society, based on achievements and what you do, not focusing on who you truly are, or even better: how you truly feel. Working as a nurse for 30 years I’ve encountered stories and destinies of many persons, which have made me realize what I value most in life. Well-being is a passion which I’ve, in the last six years, have spent time exploring more deeply. Moving to Mallorca doing yoga 6 days a week truly changed my life. Nowadays I work more and more with what I love, sharing my knowledge about: yoga, meditation, feng-shui, healing and coaching. I love to see people use their own potential to heal and grow, and am grateful to be a part of it.