Jaydeep Bhuta

Speaker at the Low Carb Universe 2019

Nutritional Consultant specializing in fat loss and diet control


I’m a Nutritional Consultant based in Mumbai, India, specializing in fat loss and diet control. I have helped over 1200 people realize the transformations they are capable of and aided them in dropping over 12,000 kgs (26,400Lbs) altogether through a Low Carb Ketogenic lifestyle. I am my own success story – In a span of less than 1 year, I lost 65 kgs (143Lbs) in a phenomenal transformation, ending at 80 kgs (176Lbs) from my initial weight of 145 kgs (320Lbs) on a vegetarian + egg diet.

I cater to the vegetarians in the US in addition to my clients in India and many other countries. I am equally competent with non-vegetarian, eggitarian & vegan diet.

I also have my own food company that supplies vegetarian low carb options, diet-friendly chocolates and ice-creams.