James Goolnik, BDS MSc

Speaker at The Low Carb Universe 2019



I am a Dentist who leads an award winning specialist team at Bow Lane Dental Group in London, England. I spend part of my time repairing the damage sugar does to our teeth and am a Patron of the Public Health Collaboration.

I founded the charity Rewards Project, committed to changing how we reward our children, which I am particularly passionate about because I have three children. As a parent I am fed up of fending off the sugar pushed to them. Everyone needs recognition but it doesn’t need to be food or sugar to motivate people. I have put together a team of Dentists, Doctors, Nutritionists and Psychologists to set up the Rewards Project. We are transforming the way we reward our children so this behaviour is not modelled into adulthood. We work with teachers in schools and nurseries, initial finding out when sugar comes into contact with the children through our Rewards Review.

My book Brush, about work life balance and running a successful business, is a number one best seller on Amazon with all the profits going to the charity Dentaid.